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A Few Words About Museta Crafts​

Andreea M. Zaharcu

Hi… I’m Andreea. The woman behind the Museta Crafts blog. I’m a stay at home mom  based in Brasov – Romania.

I made this blog to share ideas and inspiration for your DIY and Crafts, or Home Decor Projects. Always trying to offer new and interesting content for your home and family.

I also have an online shop, where I’m selling handmade products, mostly handmade jewelry. Now that my little boy grows up, I have more time to create, and I do everything together with him and my husband. Occasionally my brother may step in and make a tutorial now and then. He is also the one editing all the videos for me.

I love my family and we like working together. We make a pretty good team to be honest. Since we work on lots of projects for our home, we decided to create this blog and the YouTube channel trying to inspire other people like us to be creative. I’ve been doing crafts, DIY and handmade products for many years now, so I learned a lot in time.

Andreea M. Zaharcu
About Us - My Family

Trust me when I’m telling you, I’ve wasted lots of money on bad quality supplies. One of the reasons I decided to create this blog, was to make sure you won’t have to go through that stage. Why wasting money, when you can spend less to create more ? I do have affiliate links in the articles, but I would never recommend a product if I wasn’t happy about it. One more thing is that I never recommend products that I’ve never tried or tested.

I hope you will find the inspiration you need, and that my articles will help you create beautiful things for your home and family.

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