The Cutest Clay Pot Flower People

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Learn how to make the cutest and long lasting clay pot flower people. Step by step instructions for these beautiful decorations that everyone will love.

Create your own DIY garden art and make the cutest clay pot flower people. They are not hard to make and all you need is a little patience. If you pay close attention to the details in the video and the article, you will end up with long lasting flower pot people. I messed up many times until I got them to last in any weather conditions. There is no need for you to waste money on paint and accessories that won’t last, I did it so you don’t have to. Scroll to the bottom for the video tutorial.

How To Make Clay Pot People

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  • 2 x 13 cm diameter pots
  • 12 x 7 cm diameter pots
  • Outdoor patio paint
  • Paper template for the face
  • 2 x 25 mm screws with nuts
  • 2 x 15 mm screws with nuts
  • 12 x grommets
  • 16 x washers
  • Some rope
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Clay Flower Pots
Patio Paint
Clay Pot Flower People Tools


Preparing The Flower Pots

First of all you have to decide on the size of your flower pot decoration. For the one in the tutorial I used the sizes described in the materials list. You can always make them smaller or bigger. My little kid loves them all over the garden, and we like giving them a little personality changing their faces and expressions. We even give them names.

The second step it’s to drill the holes. Do this carefully and patience so you don’t break the pots. Put the big pots on top of each other as they are in the final design. Then you have to drill the two interior holes for the screws that will keep them together. On the bottom pot in the front side, you need two holes for the legs, and two holes in each side for the hands. If you watch the tutorial you will see where to place them exactly. After you finished drilling them, just brush them and wipe them with a cloth to remove the dust.

Painting The Flower Pots

Painting The Flower Pot People

Same as in the older project I posted here about the paper flower topiary, I’m using outdoor patio paint from DecoArt. I hope I will save you money, as in the past three years I wasted a lot of money on paint that wasn’t good enough and it was always peeling in time. This one it’s the best I found so far, and it’s more like a rubber coating than paint. So far I had my flower pot people outside for more than an year and they still look like new.

Picking the colors you want to use it’s up to you. In the video, you see me decorating the pots with little flowers. Those are optional, but I like giving them an extra touch. The important part is to save some paint. For this we will paint one coat inside and outside, and only paint the second coating on the exterior. Since the head will hold the flower, it will be the only one to get two coatings inside and outside.

How To Paint Faces On Clay Pots

Pick the way you want to transfer the face drawing on the pot. In the video tutorial I’m showing you how to transfer it with paper and pen. If you are good on drawing you can do it straight on the pot by hand. After painting everything, let the pots dry overnight. Only put them together the next day, and keep the pots inside at least 48 hours more. That’s because the paint manufacturer recommends a total drying time of at least 72 hours long. Try to paint them with different expressions and faces. Check the bottom of the article for the download button to the clay pot people face templates. I added the most common I use on my flower pot people.

Painting The Face On Flower Pot People

Preparing The Hands And Legs

The exact measures of the rope, depends on the size of the pots you are using. If you follow the video it’s pretty easy to realize how to make them. The space I left between the pots used for the hands was 25 mm, and for the ones of the legs was 30 mm. The length of rope end I left for the legs was about 60 mm. For the last pots, both for the hands and for the legs, add a grommet on top as shown in the video.

One thing I’m still not happy about it’s the hot glue. Sometimes because of the heat, it does fail. It’s a simple fix though, and they break only if you move them around a lot. If you have a better solution to replace the hot glue, please write it down in the comments. That would help everyone else reading the article. For now I’m stuck to the hot glue. Jill one of our readers told me about the E6000 Glue, that I haven’t tried yet. After looking at a couple of videos, I have the feeling that it may be the best to use instead of the hot glue. It’s very elastic and that’s exactly what I need considering the temperature changes. If you want to use hot glue instead, here is a hot glue gun I recommend.

Putting Everything Together

The video it’s pretty much self explanatory. I will mention though to be very careful when you tighten the screws. Don’t do it too hard as you will break the pots. Another tip would be to also paint the screws, unless you are using stainless steel as I do. Those don’t rust easy, but they are a little expensive. Inside the top pot that will hold the flower, you can also cover the screws with some silicone, not shown in the video. I only do that for the ones made for clients as I don’t mind fixing my own. Now you have a cute company in your garden for your morning coffee. Check the other flower pot decoration article as well.

Now you have beautiful decorations for your garden, but you also need some beautiful plants with them. You may want to visit that I recently found and I simply loved it. Especially because I subscribed to the newsletter and had a beautiful surprise of a great ebook that I was able to download. I’m sure you’ll love the articles as much as I do.

Download the face templates using a computer. It may not work on a phone since is a zip folder. You will have to unzip it after the download finished.

Video Tutorial

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  1. Kathy

    Hi love your flower pot I was wondering what paper you use as I tried transfer paper but it didn’t work thanks so much.

    1. Hi Kathy… I used regular paper. I’m drawing the “face” on one side with a pen. Then I turn the paper on the other side, place it on top of the flower pot and I trace with a pen over the drawing. If the paper it’s too thick to see the drawing you made on the first side… use a window or glass table with a light under to draw the same thing on both sides. I don’t know if it makes sense what I’m saying )) To make your life easier… you can also use baking paper, as it’s thin and almost transparent.

      1. Kathy

        Thankyou so much and yes makes perfect sense.

        1. Museta Crafts

          My pleasure Kathy…. and I’m sorry I reply so slow. I’m relocating back in Romania this year so there is a lot to do. Not much time for the blog and YouTube. Have an amazing week.

  2. Beth Francis

    I am enjoyng making this flower pot for my sisters birthday. I am struggling with finding the right grommet and rope. What size did you use? I drilled 3/16 hole in the pots.

    1. Hi Beth…. OMG it’s been so long since I’ve made the video. I can’t remember to be honest but I will try to find the grommet and see what size they are and I’ll get back to you.

  3. Donna

    Loved making these! Thanks for the tutorial! Don’t have a clue how to add the photo!! lol

    1. Hahaha…. don’t worry in here you can’t…. eventually on Instagram or some place. Glad you like it. Thank you Donna.

  4. Connie

    Hello thank you for getting back to me. What is the name of the door you do the flowers with?

  5. Connie

    Hello can you e-mail me the face templets. Would so much appreciate it.

    1. Hi Connie… just click this LINK to download them. Sorry for the late reply… I was way too busy lately.

  6. Gg

    Face templates will NOT DOWNLOAD! 🙁

    1. Hi…. try to refresh the page and download again. I just checked the link in the article and the button on the bottom of the article and the download works fine. If you try to download on a phone then it may not work depending on the phone. Is a zip folder that you will have to unzip. Let me know if you still have issues.

  7. Lois Gross

    Another question, what is the best brush to use to cover these pots so well? I understand that you need to use plenty of paint on the first coat because the pots are porous and absorb so much paint.

    1. Hi Lois…. I like using soft brushes because it’s easy to cover the pot properly, and they don’t leave those ugly paint traces ( you pick the size, the bigger the brush, the faster you paint ). The paint I used it’s pretty good and most of the time it will cover it well from the first layer of paint. I only paint two layers on the exterior parts. The pots will absorb the paint yes but not excessive. I guess because the patio paint I used is also a little thick. Let me know if you need more info.

  8. Lois Gross

    How do you paint those cute little flowers on the clothes? Not using a brush. Another tool?

  9. For those asking about the face templates for the clay pot people, I now added a few for download. The link is available on the bottom of the article. I hope it helps. Those are the ones I use most of the time.

  10. Mary Lane Timpany

    Hello I need to know where you get the cute little faces on you site for the clay pot kids..
    I want mine to be as cute as yours and I cant draw but I can trace. Thank you so much

    1. Museta Crafts

      I will add some proper graphics when I have a little time. Here is a link that I used to get some images that I printed and traced to do the faces. I hope it helps until I get them done.

  11. virginia wurz

    Hi Jill where do you get the template for the eyes and face, I can’t find it anywhere.

    1. Museta Crafts

      On the “How To Paint Faces On Clay Pots” part in the article I left a link for some inspiration. I also haven’t found a proper template. So I draw everything using that as a guide. I will try to make some templates and add those to the article as well. Thank you for bringing that up. I will email you as well and send you the templates as soon as I’m done.

  12. Jill

    I was told that the e6000 glue is the best

    1. Museta Crafts

      Thank you Jill. I’ve never tried that before. I will sure give it a shot. Fingers crossed it works better. I already edited the article as well and added the glue to the list.