Crochet Sleeves Extensions

Crochet sleeves extensions, an amazing crochet trick to lengthen short sleeves
Crochet Sleeves Extensions

Crochet sleeves extensions, an amazing crochet trick to lengthen short sleeves.

Kids grow up really fast at a young age. We have to replace their clothes constantly. Many times the problems are actually easy and simple to solve. A winter jacket for example, can remain short only at the sleeves. The rest of the jacket it’s totally fine. Fix this problem really easy with crochet sleeves.

Using the same colors as the jacket, everything fits perfectly. This method has another advantage as well. Being tight on the hand, the extension is also really warm. Many times I added the extension just to make it warmer for the hands. You can use the same method for a sweater with crochet sleeves.

How To Crochet Sleeves Extensions

1. Starting The First Row

You need thicker crochet thread, a crochet hook or two, preferably one smaller and one larger. You will use the smaller one in the stitch from the jacket sleeve. Then you continue the rest with the bigger one. When you first crochet the stitch of the jacket, you skip one stitch. Crochet until you reach the end of the first row, where you join the end of the row with the beginning of the row with a slip stitch. Scroll down for the video tutorial it’s hard to understand from the text. Everything will make sense when you watch the video.

2. Next Rows

Starting with row two, also change the crochet with a slightly larger one. For choosing the crochet hook, consider the thickness of the thread, the size and width of the sleeve extension. Crochet as many rows as needed according to your preference and need. The idea is to reach the desired length. Remember that the length must be twice the final length of the extension. The stitch I used in this video example is single crochet.

Crochet Long Sleeves
How To Crochet Sleeves

3. Closing The Rows

Each row is finished with a slip stitch. At the end of the final row, don’t make the slip stitch. Cut the thread leaving an end of about 50 cm. Then draw the thread through the first eye of the last row, then pull the thread through the last eye of the last row. Turn the sleeve upside down by joining the end with the beginning of the first row, and sew them together as shown in the video. Once you finished sewing, insert the thread as shown in the video to fix the seam.

4. Optional Crochet Decoration

Crochet Sleeves Pattern

Depending on the look of the jacket, you can also crochet a decorative row or two. Pick the colors according to your preferences. For these we use the same slip stitch.

If you choose to crochet several decorative rows at the end of the first row, cut the thread to a length as long as possible. That length must allow you to crochet the rest of the desired rows. This of course if you do not want to sew and separate each decorative line separately. At the last stitch of the decorative line, finish the same way as the end of the sleeve. Then pull the thread down and fix it in the same way as we fixed the sleeve extension stitch.

I hope I explained everything as clear as possible. I’m trying to make everyone understand, not only the women with crochet experience. I’m sure they had it figured out from the video with ought even reading the description. Did you like his article ? Have a look on how to knit a headband ear warmer with the Addi Express knitting machine.

5. Video Tutorial

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