How To Make Your Own Dinosaur Eggs

How to Make Your Own Dinosaur Eggs

Learn how to make your own DIY dinosaur eggs, a great kids crafts project.

Learn how to make DIY dinosaur eggs in a really simple way. An amazing crafts project for your kids. My kid is really passionate about dinosaurs, so I made a few for him. They turned out really well and realistic, so I decided to film a tutorial as well. I like making them for birthday parties as well, hiding little surprises inside. Then I hide all the dinosaur eggs and have the kids find them. They enjoy the game a lot, so I hope your kids will enjoy it just as much.

How To Make DIY Dinosaur Eggs

1. Supplies

  • Barbecue sticks
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Paper tape
  • Plastic cup
  • StazOn Tsukineko Ink
  • Ranger Distress Oxides Ink
  • Balloons
  • Scale

2. Composition Recipe

  • 23 g white glue
  • 5 g water
  • 33 g plaster
Supplies To Make Dinosaur Eggs

3. Preparing The Balloons

Either if you make them or you let your kids make them, first step it’s to prepare the balloons. Prepare as many as you need depending on the number of dinosaur eggs you want to make. I like using small latex balloons, the ones you use to fill them up with water. They seem to have the perfect size and the shape it’s perfect.

Making Dinosaur Eggs With Balloons

In the video example you will see two ways to tape the balloon to the cardboard circle. I would recommend you use the second example, as in the first one sometimes the balloons break when removing the tape. You can make as many circles as you need using cardboard.

4. Making The Composition

I tried many compositions for DIY dinosaur eggs, so far this is the best. First mix 23 g of white glue with 5 g of water and mix them well. Then gradually add 33 g of plaster and mix the entire composition really well. This quantity should be enough for two egg halves. Don’t mix more composition as the plaster will harden pretty quickly.

5. Covering The DIY Dinosaur Eggs

Use the ice cream stick to place the composition all over the balloon. Let them dry for a few hours ( overnight it’s even better ), then cover the other part as in the video tutorial. Use a sponge soaked in the composition to level the edge between the two egg halves as shown in the video.

How to Make DIY Dinosaur Eggs

6. Quick Tip

Here on top you have a bad example using too much water in the composition. Use the recipe and respect the quantities for some really good looking dinosaur eggs.

7. Coloring The Dinosaur Eggs

I used a sponge stamp and some ink with different shades of brown to give the egg a more realistic look. Check the supplies list for links to the ink I used in the video tutorial. Add a little more ink to the edges and the holes you make in the egg, it looks even better. In the video tutorial I only had some really big dinosaurs. But you can use smaller ones that you can carefully place them inside.

DIY Dinosaur Eggs

My son was really excited to see the dinosaurs nest, so I really hope your kids will be as happy as he was. It’s a fun weekend project even for them to work on. I also use them as part of the birthday decorations with a dinosaurs theme. Did you like the article ? Check this one as well, and teach your kids how to make this simple but really amazing bamboo skewer glider. Keep them busy and entertained all day, especially during vacations.

8. Video Tutorial

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