Decorative DIY Name Plate From MDF

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Decorative DIY Name Plate From MDF - Pinterest Image

Learn how to make a cute decorative DIY name plate from MDF. Step by step easy to follow instructions with a video tutorial. A simple project to decorate your child’s room and not only.

A simple but cute DIY name plate on a budget. You don’t even have to use the same materials as I did. Use the materials you may already have available and create a beautiful name plate decoration for your home.

How To Make A Decorative Name Plate

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Tools and Supplies

Supplies and tools to make a decorative name plate

Making The MDF Name Plate

Using a scrolling saw or any saw you have, cut the MDF pieces to the dimensions you want. For this particular example I used two pieces: the name plate, and a decorative heart shape. The dimensions used in the video tutorial: rectangular MDF size: 29 x 7cm, heart size: 15 x 17cm. Use sandpaper or a nail file and sand the MDF and the edges after cutting. With a brush remove all the dust to prepare the parts for painting.

Painting The MDF Pieces

After cutting all the parts, paint them using acrylic paint. After the paint dries, sand it with some sand paper to create a vintage look. To protect the paint apply a layer of varnish on top.

Decorating The Name Plate

Print the text on a piece of paper using a font you prefere. I like bold fonts because the text it’s easier to cut out. Make sure the text is mirrored. Cut the excess paper and place it on top of the back of the glitter foam. With a needle punch holes around the text to transfer it on the foam. Use an art knife or a cutter and cut out the letters. Glue the letters on the rectangular piece.

I used a die set to create the butterfly decoration. The base was made from glitter foam, and the top one from cardstock. I also wanted to add a photo. Print the photo to the dimensions you want, just make sure it fits well on the heard decoration.

Sizzix - Butterflies die set

Measure and drill the holes for the rope using a small drill bit. Follow the video tutorial for this step. Use hemp rope to create a hanging handle on top of the rectangular piece, and to tie the rectangular to the decorative heart. Your cute decorative name plate is now finished. Feel free to play with different materials and create something even better and unique.

Video Tutorial

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