Reusable Face Mask From Fabric

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DIY Face Mask From Fabric - Pinterest Image

Learn how to make a DIY reusable face mask from fabric and common household materials.

This mask needs sewing, but it’s washable, comfortable to wear and very resistant. This face mask is not a viral mask, they help to keep our germs to ourselves and from touching our faces while going out.

How To Make A Fabric Face Mask

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Face Mask Sewing Supplies

If you don’t have waterproof fabric, use multiple layers of regular fabric.

Face Mask Sewing Template

Download the face mask template and print it on a paper or cardstock. In case you have to make more masks, you will reuse this template. The size I used, it’s meant to fit the best possible males and females as well. Change the dimensions to your needs.

DIY Face Mask Sewing Template

Sewing The Face Mask

Trace the template on the waterproof fabric and cut as many as you need. Prepare the aluminum wire and cover the ends with hot glue. The one I use is about 11 centimeters long. Start by sewing the small dart. Fold the end with the dart twice, one centimeter at a time then sew it. Repeat the step on the top side of the mask . On the top side sew once more, right in the middle. Only leave the necessary space for the aluminum wire. Insert the wire in its place and center it, then sew the ends to prevent it from moving from side to side.

Fold the sides about 0.5 centimeters and sew these as well. Use a ruler and from the seam with the dart side measure and mark at 7.5 centimeters. From that point to the seam mark at 3 centimeters and 4.5 centimeters. Use the video tutorial for reference on how to fold and sew at this point.

Fold and sew the sides once more, to create the space for the thin round elastic. Use a wire hook to pass the elastic through the mask. Make a knot to the elastic to create the ear strap. You will make adjustments to the knot later on when wearing the mask, so it will be tight and comfortable on your face. Bend the aluminum wire to the shape of the nose and your face mask it’s done. I hope this was useful.

Wearing The Face Mask

  • Should fit it snugly but comfortably against the side of the face.
  • Use the elastic strap to tight the mask properly.
  • Must include multiple layers of fabric or a single waterproof layer.
  • Allow for breathing without restriction.
DIY Face Mask From Fabric

Washing The Face Mask

I recommend you to was the mask really well each time you use it. Wash it with warm water and a lot of soap. I prefer letting the masks dry in the sun if possible.

How To Safely Remove A Used Fabric Face Mask

When removing the mask be careful not to touch you eyes, nose, and mouth. Wash your hands immediately after removing it

Video Tutorial

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  1. It’s good to be your brother. I got to sew my mask before you posted the article lol. Perfect fit… now I just have to make a few more so I have replacements when I’m washing them.

    1. Hahaha… you are funny. Glad you like it and your masks turned out well. Stay safe.