Flower Pot Welcome Sign

Flower Pot Welcome Sign Decoration

Learn how to make a super cute flower pot welcome sign decoration. A beautiful fall themed flower pot garden decoration, with step by step instructions.

When I wrote the first article about the flower pot people, I promised to come back with more designs. So I decided to make this cute welcome to our garden sign. If there are any steps you may not understand, have a look at the first tutorial. That one it’s very detailed, so there is no need to repeat the same information here.

How To Make A Flower Pot Welcome Sign

1. Supplies

  • 1 x 13 cm diameter pot
  • 12 x 4.5 cm diameter pots
  • Paper template for the face
  • 3 x threaded bars
  • 1 x 15 mm screw with nut
  • 12 x Grommets
  • 18 x small washers + 1 big washer
  • Hemp rope
  • Some fabric for the hat
  • A wood stick and some thin plywood
  • 1 x 12 cm diameter polystyrene ball
  • 1 x 4 cm diameter polystyrene ball
  • Silicone glue
  • Outdoor patio paint
  • Stain and varnish

2. Tools And Hardware

  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun or E6000 Glue
  • A pen
  • Lighter
  • Different size brushes
  • Rounded ball tool
  • Pliers
  • Ruler
Flower Pot Welcome Sign Supplies

3. Preparing The Wood Parts

For this particular flower pot welcome sign you will need four wooden parts. The wooden rectangle that will be the base of the decoration. The circular one that will go inside the big pot. The final part will be from thin plywood in a rectangular shape, and a wooden stick. The base and the circular one going inside the pot, I had them colored with stain. Later on I used some varnish for protection. You can also varnish the wooden stick if you want. The small rectangle from plywood was painted with a green paint. Then I used a little sandpaper just to give it an aged look.

The base has three holes in total. Two of them are all the way through the wood for the legs, and one not too deep for the wooden stick. The circular part going into the big pot has three different holes. Two for the legs ( at the same distance as the ones from the base are ), and one in the center used for the polystyrene ball that will be used as head. This part has also a side cut so we have enough space for the screw used to screw in place one of the hands. So you will have this in the same side where the fixed hand will be. The distance between the legs will also depend on the size of the flower pots you are using.

4. Preparing The Flower Pots

You will need one big pot used as the body. You will have to drill three holes as you will see in the video. Two of them are in the top side and they will be used for the rope of the hands, and one more on the bottom where we will fix the bottom of one of the hands. You can tell from the video where exactly the holes were made so it will be easy to understand. For the little pots there are no holes to drill except for one. The one we will use for the hand that it will be fixed to the big pot. Same thing about the position, it will be easy to understand where the hole is from the video.

Flower Pot Hands

One more detail will be about the long threaded bars used for the legs and the head support. I didn’t give the exact dimension for these, as it depends of the size of the flower pots you are using. The best is to measure and cut them on the exact size you need, while you are building your decoration. Preferably would be to have them made out of stainless steel. This way you don’t have to worry they will get rusty.

6. Making The Head Of The Decoration

Painting The Flower Pot Face

The head was made by transferring the drawing to the polystyrene ball using the same method I used in the first video. Basically all you need it’s a template and a crayon. I used a polystyrene ball that I painted it in a color similar to the human skin. After the ball dried and you transferred the drawing used for the face, we also start painting the final details. Before painting the head, make sure you drill a hole all the way through the polystyrene ball for the threaded bar that will fix it to the big flower pot. In the first article where you can also download the clay pot people face templates.

Since she is a girl, I also wanted to add some hair and for that I used some hemp rope I had laying around my workshop. Before that, you will have to put the ball in it’s pace on top of the big pot. Make sure you only use silicone glue or something similar to glue the hair to the polystyrene ball. Do not use hot glue as this will melt your polystyrene ball. I also made a hat really quick, but maybe you have one already made so you don’t have to make one. I also used a scarf to hide the joint between the body and the head. You will also have to style the hair in the front side so she will look cute.

7. Finishing The Decoration

The last steps are really simple. Insert the wooden stick in its place and glue the free hand to it. Then we will need the little rectangle made from thin plywood. We will use this one to write the “Welcome” message on it. The video shows really clear how I did all that and I will not write about it in detail as it’s way too easy to understand if you are watching the video. And here we are with the finished decoration. I hope you like it and also your guests will like her too. It will take you a few good hours to finish it, but she is too cute, so it’s worth the effort.

8. Video Tutorial

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