How To Make Giant Soap Bubbles

How To Make Giant Soap Bubbles

Make your kids happy and teach them how to make the best giant soap bubbles. Step by step instructions and a video tutorial.

In the last summer vacation, we tried every possible giant soap bubbles recipe that we could find on YouTube. Always happy we found the good one, we came back disappointed after playing around. This summer we decided to find our own giant soap bubbles recipe. After trying different versions of it, we finally found the magic version. So far this one it’s the best we made and I hope you will enjoy making giant soap bubbles as much as we do.

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The Soap Bubbles Recipe

  • 100 ml cold water
  • 20 g wheat starch
  • 700 g hot water
  • 15 g vegetable glycerin
  • 70 g dish soap
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
Giant Soap Bubbles Recipe

Preparing The Soap Bubbles Solution

If you follow the video tutorial, the recipe will help you make huge soap bubbles. For good results follow the steps exactly. I would recommend you to prepare the solution right before you are planning to use it. I noticed that if you store it for a longer time, is losing its qualities.

Only use the wheat starch, as I tried others but with very poor results. For the detergent, so far I only had good results with DAWN and FAIRY. You are free to try others if you can’t find these. If it’s too hot outside, you can keep the solution container in another one that has some ice in it. This way the solution will stay cold and you get the best results. Having the container with the solution into another one it’s also good for kids. They never pay attention and this way you avoid spilling the solution.

Making The Sticks And The Strings

The sticks I used are actually curtains sticks. They are made out of plastic and very easy to wash. I used the same type of lock nut as you use in jewelry making. First because I had them, as I also make jewelry. The second reason it’s that this way I can change the cord, depending on the chord size I want to use.

I decided to crochet my own cord, because I can make it in any size and colors I need. It’s a lot cheaper this way too. The one I made absorbs a lot of solution as well, just like a sponge. Having this advantage, you don’t have to keep “refilling” your cord with more solution. If you want to use something else, just find a rope that can retain as much liquid as possible.

As an idea, the sticks length I’ve used in the video were 70 cm, and the ones my little one used were about 60 cm. The cord ring was about 2.20 m in diameter, and the one my child used was about 1.60 m. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and your kids will have lots of fun, just as we do. We never seem to get enough of this, it’s way too addictive trust me.

Video Tutorial

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