Amazing Handmade Beaded Earrings

Amazing Handmade Beaded Earrings

Amazing handmade beaded earrings with step by step instructions. A great tutorial on how to make beautiful Swarovski beaded earrings for beginners.

Learn how to make jewelry, as this beautiful pair of Swarovski crystal handmade beaded earrings. Regardless of why you want to make handmade jewelry, it is a pleasant task that offers many satisfactions. With only a few supplies, you can make low cost jewelry that can compete with the jewelry of famous brands in commerce, where in most cases you do not pay the price of the jewelry, but for the brand name.

How To Make Beaded Earrings

1. Supplies

  • Miyuki Delica 11/0 beads
  • Miyuki Rocaille 15/0 beads
  • Bicone Swarovski JET Hematit beads
  • Swarovski Rivoli 14 mm JET Hematit beads
  • Nylon thread 0.15 mm
  • Ear wires 1.8 cm silver 925
  • Jump Rings 4-5 mm silver 925
  • Beads needle
  • 2 Jewelry flat nose pliers
Handmade Jewelry Making Tools

2. Making The Earrings

First of all, prepare a good cup of coffee on the table because you will need it, especially if this is the first time you are doing this. It’s best to have all the necessary tools and materials at hand. I recommend that you do this in a bright place, preferably with natural light, because the beads are quite small.

For the two earrings, prepare two nylon threads of approximately 80 cm each. Place 36 Delica beads on the wire, leaving one end of the wire 10 cm long. The other longer end, use it to sew the beads. After you have inserted all the beads into the wire, pass the wire again through all the beads to form a circle. You can follow all the steps visually by watching the video tutorial.

For the next row, take a bead on the needle, then pass the needle through a bead from the circle you just made. Continue until the end, skipping one bead with each bead added. At the end of each row, pass the needle through the last bead of the previous row, and also through the bead in the row you just made. For the next step, continue with the Rocaille beads ( silver ). Make two rows, just like the row you made earlier.

3. Quick Tip

From time to time, carefully tighten the nylon thread, then start the last row.

Take a bead on the needle and pass the needle through the next three beads, as shown in the video tutorial. Finish the line as usual, then pass the thread to the other side to continue the other side of the earring. Before proceeding with the other side of the earring, take the short end of the thread, passing it through as many beads as possible to fix it, and then cut the remaining piece.

With the remaining thread, continue to make the other side of the earring. Make a single row with the Rocaille beads, and then insert the 14 mm Swarovski Rivoli stone inside the earring. Tighten the thread as tightly as possible, then continue the same as the other side. After you finished the last row with the Rocaille beads, cross the wire again through the beads until you reach the Delica beads in the middle of the earring.

4. Decorating The Earrings

To give a more pleasant look, you will make a decorative row of Bicone Swarovski beads together with Rocaille beads. Insert a Bicone bead and a Rocaille bead onto the needle, then pass the needle back through the Bicone bead only. Further, insert the needle through the Delica bead from the center of the earring as shown in the video tutorial. Continue around the earring until the last Delica bead, but you will not add the last one.

Handmade Beaded Earrings - Step By Step

Instead, put five Rocaille beads on the needle in order to achieve the attachment that will hold the silver jumpring. Through the five Rocaille beads, cross the thread twice to strengthen the attachment. To finish, go with the wire trough as many beads as you did with the first one. After it is securely fastened, cut the remaining

5. Finishing The Earrings

Open the first silver jumpring and introduce it through the attachment of the earring made of the five Rocaille beads, and then close the jumpring with the pliers. Open the second jumpring in which you introduce the ear wires, then add these to the first jumpring already mounted, then close the jumpring with the pliers. Congratulations, the first earring is ready. Have you finished your cup of coffee ? I hope not, because you still have another earring to make.

Handmade Beaded Earrings

I hope that I have been able to explain in the best possible way the necessary steps. The description along with the video tutorial should be helpful in learning how to make these earrings. If you need more explanation, or don’t understand a particular step, feel free to leave a comment down below. If you want you can tag me on Instagram @musetacrafts if you made these earrings, so I can also admire your work. Did you like this article ? Have a look as well on how to make beaded stretch cord bracelets in just a few steps.

6. Video Tutorial

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