Cute Headband With Flowers

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Learn how to make a DIY headband with flowers, together with matching hairpins. Really cute and perfect for little girls. They just love them.

Here you have a simple way to make a DIY headband with flowers. After making a knitted headband, I started looking for DIY headband ideas, and since I was making these flowers for some decorations, I thought I could use them. It a great way of recycling old or used hairbands and give them a brand new look. Since I made the headband, I thought it would be nice to also make some matching hairpins.

How To Decorate A Simple Headband

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Supplies And Tools

Tools And Materials To Make A Headband With Flowers

Preparing The Flowers

For this part to make my life easier I’m using a flowers dies set. You can always cut them by hand as well, but you may want to use a simple flower template that’s a lot easier to cut. Make as many flowers as you think you may use. For the material I’m using glitter foam, because little girls love sparkling things as much as big girls do. For the center of the flowers I bought some plastic yellow decorations.

Flowers Cutting Dies Set
Iron Settings

After you finished cutting the flowers, use an iron set to a high temperature to shape them. Keep the flower on the iron for about eight seconds as in the video. Finish shaping the flower with a rounded ball tool or anything similar. If you don’t have the tool you can simply use a pen cap with a rounded end. When you finish preparing all of them, just glue them as in the video tutorial with a hot glue gun. I discovered that the yellow glue bars works the best. For the back of the flowers I’m using a felt fabric as this helps for a better bond between the flower and the headband.

Decorating The Headband

Use the hot glue gun and glue as many flowers as you wish to either a brand new headband or an old one. This is a good method for recycling old headbands. I do this most of the time and you can always save money giving a brand new look to an old headband you don’t like anymore. The advantage of decorating them this way, is that you don’t have to use only flowers. Be creative and create themed headbands using your imagination. I make these as presents for little girls, especially if I get an order for birthday decorations.

DIY Hairpins With Flowers

Making The Hairpins

As you can see at the end of the video, I’m using the same method to create matching hairpins. This way the girls always have the options to pick between the hairband or the hair pins depending on how they feel that day. They are really simple to make and it takes you less than a minute to make one.

Video Tutorial

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