Easy To Make Heart Decoration

Make A Simple Heart Decoration

An easy to make heart decoration for Valentine Day, or the perfect decoration for a romantic dinner with your loved one. An amazing heart decoration crafts idea.

A simple heart decoration excellent for Valentine Day, or for any romantic moment. I found it to be really useful when I prepared a romantic dinner for my husband. It’s pretty simple to make, and you can use any materials you may have available. No need to follow my instructions step by step. As long as you have a beautiful decoration at the end, improvise as much as you want.

How To Make A Heart Decoration

1. Supplies And Tools

  • Cardboard
  • Raffia fabric ( or any textile material )
  • Black paint ( preferably acrylic paint )
  • Glue ( silicon glue )
  • Heat transfer vinyl foil ( optional )
  • Small rhinestones decorations
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Tape
  • Pen
  • Ruler

2. Heart Shape And Text

Here you can download the heart shape in two halves, used as in the video example. The text is also included if you want to follow the tutorial accurately. The text is mirrored so it will display correctly after you print it on the heart. Scroll to the bottom to download them.

To shape the heart, stick the two halves together. Cut out the shape of the heart and draw it on a piece of cardboard. I personally paint the cardboard in black with acrylic paint because it offers a pleasant contrast. In this tutorial, I used tempera paint. If you use any other non-visible textile material, there is no need for the paint. Cut two identical hearts from fabric as in the example, 1.5 cm larger than the heart. You will use this excess material to create the fringes at the end. Glue them on both sides of the cardboard after the paint has dried.

3. Heat Transfer Vinyl For The Text

The transfer vinyl I used in this example its from Caregy, that comes in an assortment of colors. You don’t need to use the same message as the video tutorial. If you do follow the example closely, start by transferring the printed text ( mirrored ) onto the back of the vinyl sheet. Then use a sharp cutter to cut the text carefully. Remove the excess vinyl from around the text, then paste it onto the fabric. Depending on the vinyl used, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for heat bonding it. Once it has cooled down, remove the protective foil.

4. Decorative Accessories

And here you can be creative using your available or preferred materials. In my case, I decorated the heart with rhinestones that I glued as shown in the tutorial.

Easy To Make Heart Decoration
Heart Decoration

5. Displaying The Heart Decoration

If you want to have your heart hanging on a wall, follow the video example. Create the holes with which you insert the hook string. If you want to use it as table decoration, you can see how I did it in the image on top. I used two barbecue sticks and had two holes drilled for them in the wooden tray. If you like how I made the scented candles as well, have a look at the tutorial and learn how to make them in less than ten minutes.

6. Video Tutorial

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