Homemade Flour Tortillas Recipe

Homemade Flour Tortillas Recipe

Check this amazing homemade flour tortillas recipe. You will have really fresh and tasty white flour tortillas in no time.

Because last week I wrote an article about making a tortillas press, I thought it would be nice to also see it in action. Of course the normal thing to do was to make some homemade flour tortillas. We all love tacos in my family, but my little one loves eating the tortillas as a snack. I’ve tried a few recipes that I found online, and I didn’t had much success with them. So I had to play around a little so I can get the results I wanted. Here is the way I make them.

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  • White flour 300 g
  • Salt 8 g
  • Olive oil 20 g
  • Water 160 g
Homemade Flour Tortillas Ingredients

Preparing The Dough

In a bowl, add the 300 grams of white flour and 8 grams of salt, then mix them well together. Add 160 grams of water and 20 grams of olive oil, then mix everything together really well using a spatula. When the compositions it’s well mixed, sprinkle some white flour on the table and place the dough on top. Now you can knead the dough as much as you need, then portion it depending on the size you want your tortillas.

White Flour Tortillas Dough

For tacos tortillas I like portioning the dough in 30 grams portions. I create little dough balls and place them on a wooden tray. Cover them with a plastic wrap and a kitchen towel and let them sit for about three – four hours. I noticed that if I do this, they do not shrink when I place them in the pan. Now heat up a pan really well and let’s start preparing the tortillas.

Preparing Tortillas For Tacos

You can flatten the dough by hand if you want, but I like using the homemade tortilla press I just made. You apply the pressure on the press depending on how thin you want the tortillas to be. Take the tortilla out of the press and place it in the well heated pan. I like turning them around more than one time. They will start growing and that’s a good sign, meaning they are well cooked. Place it on a plate and continue with the rest of your tortillas.

All you have to do now, it’s to start preparing those tasty tacos. I really like soft and well cooked homemade tortillas that are not too dry, and also very flexible. With this recipe I seem to get the right results. The homemade flour tortillas are so much better comparing to the ones you buy from the store. That is the reason I always prepare them at home.

Homemade Flour Tortillas

Video Tutorial


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