How To Make a Paper Flower Topiary

How To Make a Paper Flower Topiary Decoration

An article presenting you how to make a paper flower topiary. A great decoration for your home, birthday parties or other events.

I decided to start with this tutorial as many people asked me how I make a paper flower topiary. Don’t forget that you can always be inventive and replace materials with others you may have available. You don’t have to follow exactly the instructions or the video tutorial. I did discovered in time that this way was easier and faster for me. You may have different ways to do things, easier for you.

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Supplies and Tools

Paper Flower Topiary - Materials and Tools

Polystyrene Ball

You pick the diameter of this one depending on the desired result you want. Smaller sizes don’t have the hollow space inside, and it’s easier and faster to work with them. Others prefer to make them from used newspapers. The polystyrene balls are not so expensive though. The one used in this video tutorial was 18 centimeters in diameter.

Terracotta Pot

I use terracotta simply because it’s heavy and it can hold well the weight of the ball and the accessories. You can always use a plastic one or anything you desire depending on the design you may have in your mind. If you use a light plastic pot, I recommend you to add some weight on the bottom.

Wood Stick

About 8 millimeters in diameter and about 30 centimeters in length. Size also depends on the design you wish to create. You can also use PVC or any other material that may fit and you have available.

Colored Cardboard

In the title and the description I wrote paper flower, because that is the way most people call them. In reality… for the flower petals we use thin colored crafts carton. It’s a lot stronger than paper, and it will keep the desired shape of the petals.

Making a Paper Flower Topiary

Decorative Needles

These are also optional. I did it this way simply because I will use this one for a birthday party. You can also glue the flower petals straight to the polystyrene ball. You should add the regular pin needles to fix them until the glue dries. Remove them one the glue dried, and you can decorate the flower petals with whatever you have available.

Liquid Silicone

I used this one as glue because it works great for polystyrene. That is also the one I had available. You can use any glue that works for polystyrene and it won’t melt it. Super glue and similar ones clearly won’t do as they will sure melt the polystyrene ball.

Acrylic Paint

This one you can always replace. But I really recommend you to use acrylic paint. From my experience I found it to be the most resistant both on the polystyrene ball and also on the clay flower pots. I have tried many types in the past three – four years. So Far the Patio Paint from DecoArt never disappointed me. It’s not too expensive so this is the one I can guarantee it will give you excellent results.

Scanncut Machine From Brother

This is the only complicated part of the process. If you make crafts often, I really recommend you to buy a cutting machine. If you do it just for fun, or just now and then for a party, you can also cut them manually. It does take a lot of time this way, as you may need around 150-200 flowers depending on the size of the ball. I personally use the Scanncut machine from Brother. It’s a life and time saver for someone that does a lot of paper crafts.

Canvas Workspace

This is the online software I’m using to create most of my templates for the Scanncut Machine. Here is the link for Canvas Workspace in case you are using a machine as well. For the flowers used in this example, I created for you two versions available for download. One is in FCM format, that you can use for the cutting machine, using Canvas Workspace. The other one it’s a JPEG image in the size of an A4 printer page. This way you can print them using a regular printer, then cut the flowers manually. Both files are together in a compressed zip folder.

Now you know how to make a paper flower topiary. I do hope you find the video and this article useful and you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment with your opinions and thoughts, or better ideas to make things easier for others. Also please share it with your friends, this way you will help my blog grow. Feel free to subscribe to my You Tube Channel, and also follow me on the social media accounts. For regular blog updates, please subscribe to the e-mail newsletter.

Video Tutorial

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