Unicorn Decoration From Polystyrene

Party Unicorn Decoration From Polystyrene

Step by step instructions on how to make an amazing unicorn decoration from polystyrene. An excellent decoration for birthday parties.

Learn how to make an amazing polystyrene unicorn decoration for birthday parties. A decoration easy to make with only a few supplies, it just takes a little time. With a little patience and imagination, you can create any other decoration with different drawings depending on your child’s favorite characters.

How To Make A Polystyrene Unicorn Decoration

1. Supplies

  • Printer and A4 paper size
  • One polystyrene piece
  • Black marker
  • Paint brushes
  • Acrylic paint
  • A pin needle
  • Mixed white glue 50% and water 50%
  • White sparkling glitter
  • Hot wire foam cutter

2. Printing The Unicorn

You need a printer with A4 size paper or similar. I downloaded the image from clipart-library.com, then used Poster It to create the poster. Print the images and tape them together to create the image.

Unicorn Decoration From Polystyrene - Step 1

3. Tracing The Image

Place the poster on the polystyrene, and with a pin needle start tracing. Double check once you finished, and make sure you got it right. For the next step, simply draw with a black marker over the traced lines.

Step 2
Step 3

4. Cutting The Unicorn Shape

If you have a hot wire foam cutter, just follow the video. If you don’t have one, try using a sharp cutter. It will be a little difficult though. Or simply buy one, as it will be useful in many crafts projects. I didn’t had one, so I ended up making a hot wire foam cutter from scratch.

Step 4

5. Painting The Unicorn Decoration

Start by painting the unicorn shape with white primer ( acrylic paint ). When the primer dried, you can continue painting the colors.

Step 5

Paint the unicorn shape in the desired colors. Be creative and pick some happy colors, kids love them. Let the paint dry well before applying the next layer. The paint I love using and I’m happy about its the patio paint from DecoArt.

Step 6

For the black contour, you can also use a black paint marker. The paint marker usually melts the polystyrene. Used on top of the paint, never created any issues though. It’s a lot easier and faster.

Step 7

6. Finishing The Decoration

Paint the decoration really quick with the mix of 50% white glue and 50% water. Sprinkle white glitter all over it. Let it dry well, and your party unicorn decoration it’s ready. Did you like this article ? Have a look at this amazing tutorial on how to create a beautiful DIY floral number decoration.

Step 8
Step 9

7. Video Tutorial

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