Recycled Mail Organizer and Key Holder

Mail Organizer and Key Holder From Recycled Materials

Make a recycled mail organizer and key holder made entirely from scrap and recycled materials.

I made this mail organizer and key holder simply to show you different techniques that you can use to create other things as well. The idea it’s to give use to materials that mostly would end up in trash. This particular mail organizer and key holder was made out of some scrap wood, cardboard and some yogurt plastic bottles. Sometimes you can find different other supplies in the hardware stores where they sell cheap scrap materials.

How To Make A Mail Organizer and Key Holder

1. Supplies

  • Scrap wood from 0.8 mm wainscot
  • 2 Pieces of wood 2 x 4 cm in section
  • A4 size writing pad holder
  • 2 Old yogurt bottles
  • Cardboard
  • 2 Used yogurt bottles
  • White glue
  • Upholstery pioneers
  • Wood stain and varnish

2. Tools

  • Scroll Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Paint brush
  • Hammer
  • Hot glue gun

3. Making The Wooden Wall Mount

Initially I planned to use some pallet wood, but I run out of pallets. Instead while shopping for other things, I found this 0.8 mm wainscot wood that was sold as scrap. Basically leftovers or poor quality wood. Important is to use whatever you have available. As you can tell from the video, this wasn’t hard to put together. It doesn’t take too long either. First you cut all the pieces, sand them, then glue everything together. The last step will be to stain the wood and varnish it so it has a nice look, especially if you would use some old pallet wood.

The wood I used was 0.8 mm thick and about 11.5 cm wide. The dimensions I used if you want to recreate the same wall mount as mine were: 54 cm, 48.5 cm, 45.5 cm, 45.5 cm, 50 cm, 54 cm. I used a scroll saw to cut all the wood parts. Sadly the one I used it’s not available in US so I recommend something similar instead.

Making The Wooden Wall Mount

Remember you get to pick the dimensions depending of the place you have available for the wall mount. To reinforce the back of the wall mount and hold all the wood panels together, I used two wooden pieces with a section of 2 x 4 cm. The length depends of the width of your wooden wall mount. I glued them to the board, then I used some upholstery pioneers as well.

4. Creating The Cardboard Mail Holder

The next step it’s to create the cardboard mail holder. I wanted to make something that also imitates the wood. You can see in the video tutorial all the steps. The process it’s really simple and it’s doesn’t take too long either. You cut all the cardboard parts then glue them together. I used the same wood stain and varnish to paint it and give it a “wood look”. The varnish also keeps the moisture away from the cardboard, making it last longer.

Creating The Cardboard Mail Holder

Of course if you want, you can also use wood instead. I just wanted to recycle some old cardboard. Here you have the dimensions of the mail holder box in case you want to make it identical. Length 23 cm, width 5 cm, height 10.5 cm. For all the decorative parts you can pick any dimensions you want. I cut a smaller cardboard piece that I installed on the wooden board with screws. To attach the box to the cardboard piece I used the hot glue gun.

5. Preparing The Writing Pad Holder

For this step I used a cheap cardboard writing pad holder that holds an A4 paper size. To make it last longer, I stained it and varnished it same as the wood. To decorate it a little I used some old rope on the edges, glued with the hot glue gun. When you finished decorating it, simply screw it to the wooden wall mount.

6. Making The Photo Frames

Making The Photo Frames

These are of course optional decorations. I wanted something more personalized. The size of the frame depends on the size of the photo you want to use. I made the frames from cardboard, that I painted with acrylic paint. I decorated the edges with old rope, same as I did with the writing pad. On the back of the frame I glued the photos as in the video, using white glue. On top for protection, I used some transparent plastic foil. To hold the frames on the wooden board, I used the same upholstery pioneers. Be creative and find even better ways to decorate. Never limit yourself and simply recreate what I’m presenting you in the videos.

7. Preparing The Plastic Flowers Holders

For these I used two used yogurt plastic containers. of course you can use anything you want. To decorate the plastic bottles, I made a composition from 50% plaster, 50% white glue. Mix them together and eventually add a little water as well. I used a piece of wood to place the composition on the bottles and decorate them as it’s shown in the video tutorial.

Preparing The Plastic Flowers Holders
The Final Step And Finishing Touches

8. The Final Step And Finishing Touches

Now it’s the time when you basically finished preparing all the parts. All you have to do it’s to place everything on the wooden wall mount, and find their place. Fix everything in place, and add some hooks for the keys and anything else you may want to hang on the board. I added two hooks on the bottom of the writing pad to hold the pen as well. If you want instead, you can create a separate container in the cardboard box to hold more pencils and other similar things.

Now your mail organizer and key holder is finished and ready to be placed on the wall. Feel free to always contact me if there is anything you may not understand. Or simply leave a comment down below with your questions, this way the future readers will also be able to read. I hope you like the tutorial and some new ideas for future tutorials are always welcomed. Did you like the article ? Have a look on this one as well, and see how I refurbished a coffee table turning it into something new and great looking.

9. Video Tutorial

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