Simple Tortilla Press From Scrap Wood

Simple Tortilla Press From Scrap Wood

A super simple tortilla press from scrap wood, with step by step instructions. With ought many tools and supplies, you can have a tortilla press in just a few hours.

I wanted to make a tutorial on how to make a simple tortilla press for some time now. It was requested a few times by the blog readers. So I decided to do it with the scrap wood I had left around the house. It didn’t turned out perfect, simply because it was entirely handmade. But it works just fine, and and the end… that’s all I need.

How To Make A Simple Tortilla Press From Scrap Wood

1. Scrap Wood Parts

  • Two 30 x 30 x 3 cm
  • Two 30 x 4 x 2 cm
  • One 15 x 6 x 3 cm
  • One 35 x 6 x 3 cm
  • Two 19 x 6 x 3 cm
  • One 8 x 6 x 3 cm

2. Tools And Hardware

  • A pen
  • Screwdriver
  • A ruler and a square ruler
  • Sandpaper with a block of wood
  • A saw for wood and one for metal
  • Wood screws, nuts, bolts and washers
  • Two strong hinges

Please note that the supplies presented here are for the size of the tortilla press I made. These will always depends on the measurements you will use, and also remember to be creative. The design doesn’t necessarily have be exactly as mine, as long as it does the job.

3. Preparing The Wood Parts

If you take a look at the photos and the video tutorial you will notice that I used plywood for the two big square plates, and some pinewood from some old pallets to make the rest of parts. This works well, but if you have a stronger wood, that would be even better because it will last a lot longer. This is what I had available and that’s what I used in my case.

I added the dimensions of all the parts for the tortilla press that I made, but you decide how big or how small yours would be. Because of this, the measurements I’m giving you are simply informative describing what I made in the video. Depending on the size and the thickness of the wood you are using, also pick the right size for the wood screws you will need. For the big screw I used on the handle, I would recommend stainless steel.

Now that I got out of the way all this information, all you have to do it’s to decide on the size and cut out all the parts you need. The legs I used on the bottom plate are optional. I added them simply because my base plate was not thick enough and I wanted it to be a little stronger. Once you have all the parts, then you are ready to put the press together. I would recommend you to sand everything before you put the press together as it’s easier this way.

4. Building The Tortilla Press

Once you have the parts prepared, this will be an easy process that doesn’t take too long. White glue meant for wood it’s always good combined with the wood screws to get all the parts together. I always use this combination in any wood work that I do. I will not write much in here as the video it’s pretty much self explanatory. One thing I will mention it’s about the handle support.

In the video I already showed it already made from the three parts glued and screwed together as I didn’t want to make a long video. Do this one first and test it with the handle, as you may have to sand of the sides of the handle a little until it moves easily inside the handle support. Leave the installation of the handle and the hole at the end. Once you finished putting everything together, test the position of the handle… and only then drill the hole for the big screw that will hold it in place.

Now that everything it’s in its place and the hole for the handle drilled, install the big screw with the washers on each side and your press it’s done. Another optional step that I haven’t added in the video, it’s painting the wood with wood oil. That is strictly to protect the wood and have the press last a longer time. Your simple tortilla press it’s ready to be used in your kitchen. Did you like this article ? Have a look at this one as well, and see how I refurbished a vintage wooden coffee table.

Super Simple Tortilla Press From Scrap Wood
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5. Video Tutorial

6. Demo Video

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