DIY Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelets

How To Make DIY Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelets - Step By Step Instructions

Learn how to make simple but long lasting DIY beaded stretch cord bracelets with step by step instructions and details on how to secure a stretch cord bracelet.

Making stretch cord bracelets is a fun project both for adults or kids. Doesn’t matter if you want to make simple beaded bracelets for yourself, or you are planning to sell them, here you have quick and easy to follow instructions to create long lasting stretch cord bracelets. It’s also a great method to recycle beads from old broken bracelets and create new ones.

How To Make Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelets

1. Supplies And Tools

  • Cutter, plier or scissors
  • Beading mat
  • Beadsmith fold over crimping pliers
  • Bent nose pliers
  • Glue E6000
  • Stretch bead cord 0.5mm
  • Crimp bead covers 3mm
  • Spacer beads
  • Crystal Glass Beads
  • Briolette Faceted AB Crystal Glass Beads
Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelets Supplies

2. Preparing The Supplies

Start by preparing on the table everything you need to make the stretch beaded bracelets. I like grouping all the supplies and tools on the table, preparing the beading mat, then I’m ready to work fast and make many bracelets in the shortest time possible. Just follow the stretch beaded bracelets instructions.

3. Measure Your Wrist

Start by measuring your wrist using a tailoring ruler so you will have the dimensions for your beaded stretch bracelets. These are also great as stretch beaded ankle bracelets. In that case you will measure your ankle. I prefer the bracelets a little loose.

Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelets Step 1

4. Making The Bracelet

After you measured your wrist, place a regular ruler on the beading mat, that will help you measure the length of the bracelets. Prepare the beads testing the design you will make. If you are happy, start by placing the beads on the stretch cord.

Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelets Step 2

5. Closing The Bracelet

After you finished placing the beads on the stretch cord, tie the ends of the stretch cord with a few knots. Try to make them as tight as possible.

Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelets Step 3

6. How To Secure A Stretch Cord Bracelet

For a good looking bracelet, you will want to hide the stretch cord knot. For this I used crimp bead covers. Place one over the knot by keeping the ends of the stretch cord spread on both sides.

Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelets Step 4

7. Glue The Knot

Place some E6000 glue on top of the knot. I like doing this step, just because I want to make sure the stretch cord knot it will not come undone in time. This way I will have a long lasting stretch bracelet. So far it was worth it, as my bracelets never came undone, comparing to the ones I sometimes buy from the jewelry stores.

Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelets Step 5

8. Closing The Crimp Bead Covers

Using bent nose pliers, close the crimp bead covers. Do it carefully and slowly not to damage them. If you have any excess glue coming out, wipe it off with an alcohol wipe.

Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelets Step 6

9. Cut The Ends Of The Stretch Cord

After you finished closing the bracelet and added the glue and the crimp bead covers, you can now use a cutter or some scissors and cut the ends of the stretch cord.

Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelets Step 7

Your stretch beaded bracelet is now finished. Be creative and play with the designs, as you see in this photo another example from the one I made. To work faster if you make many bracelets at once, first place the beads on all of them, then you will start closing them one by one. I hope you liked this article and found it useful. Did you like the article ? Learn also how to make some really beautiful handmade beaded earrings.

Finished DIY Beaded Stretch Cord Bracelet

10. Video Tutorial

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